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OneMind Dogs Coach Jane Elene Christensen

Location: Taastrup, Denmark

Jane Elene has been doing agility since 1995 and teaching it since 2005. She wants to be as smooth as possible in her handling and find the best balance between the dog's independence and the handler’s control.

When it comes to coaching, Jane Elene is very detail oriented and likes to explain every handling technique to the smallest detail. She is very patient and dedicated in her attempt to give each team all the pieces of the puzzle they need to run courses they never thought possible.

Jane Elene loves teaching high level course work with a good mix between very fast lines and technical pieces. She tries to keep things fun for both dogs and people while still pushing them out of their comfort zone. She adapts her coaching to each individual team and tries different solutions for the same combination on a course. Her goal is to help her students find their strengths and weaknesses.

Jane Elene has weekly classes in Denmark and teaches at seminars around the world. She wants to be at the highest level in agility, and has represented Denmark at the European Open and the World Championships.

When she is not doing agility, she works as a laboratory technician in a hospital.


OneMind Dogs Coach
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Coaching skills

  • OneMind Dogs Coach, can teach everything in the OneMind Dogs method

Coach training events

  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2015 / Kaarina, Finland 01/2015
  • OneMind Dogs Coach Week 2018 / Lieto, Finland 02/2018