Useful questions and answers for OneMind Dogs community members.

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I forgot my password, what now?

You can recover your password here.


What does a free membership involve?

Once you sign up to the service as a free member you will arrive at the welcome page which allows you to start a free OneMind Dogs introductory course.
You can also access the Blog which features many interesting stories and training tips.
To discuss any training issues or get some advice you can visit the Forum and interact with the OneMind Dogs community members.
The free membership also includes other bonus content. To see what content is available to you with your free membership click here.


I can’t find the free introductory course, help!

You can find the introductory course here.


How can I upgrade my membership?

After registering for a free account you can visit our subscription page at any time to update your subscription to a Premium membership.
Options vary from monthly, bi-annual, annual and day pass subscriptions.


Can I only purchase the order on PayPal or is there another way?

Currently we offer payment services through PayPal and through Stripe (which allows you to use a debit or credit card). Both payment methods offer secure and diverse international online payments.
Note: When paying with your credit card in Paypal, it is not required to create an account.


How do I cancel a recurring payment, subscription, or automatic billing agreement I have with a merchant?

For subscriptions paid via PayPal:
Log in to your PayPal account.
Click the gear symbol in the top right hand corner of the page.
Click ”Payments”, it is the third tab along in the menu.
Click ”Manage pre-approved payments” in the pre-approved payments section.
Find OneMind Dogs in the payment list and click on it.
Click “cancel” in the top left corner and follow the instructions.


For subscriptions paid via Stripe:
Visit the Subscriptions page.
Find your recurring subscription and in the "Status" column click "Cancel subscription"
This will then bring up the details of the subscription you chose to cancel.
Press “cancel subscription” followed by “ok” and that subscription will be cancelled.


The quality of the video is not always the same

The players serve the quality rendition of the videos based on the device type and window resolution (phone, tablet, computer, tv) and network bandwidth/conditions. The player tries to give the best experience (both in video quality and fast video loading time) this way. They detect dynamically the bandwidth and the window size of the player and they serve the most suitable rendition.


Can I give a gift card for OneMind Dogs membership to someone?

Yes you can, simply visit our gift card pages and choose your preferred subscription.