Hannah Eskow

place Alberta, Canada

star OneMind Dogs Instructor

As a handler in agility Hannah strives for the ultimate connection and fluidity on a course. She tries to feel things out course by course, dog by dog. For some runs this means running fast and handling mostly ahead, and for some this means handling from behind and letting the dog drive. "It's all about choosing the handling that feels right for that particular course", Hannah explains.

Hannah loves being an instructor. She teaches with a lot of enthusiasm. "Sometimes I get so excited about students successes that the dogs run to me instead of their handlers! My favourite thing to teach is Foundations because it builds the groundwork for an entire agility career. I also love helping people find their rhythm on course - there is nothing better than the feeling of a connected run that really feels as though you and your dog are running as two souls, one mind - my goal is to give each student the tools to create those runs over and over again."

Finding OneMind Dogs was more than a lightbulb moment for Hannah, it was like finding a long lost international agility family. Since the first OneMind Dogs seminar Hannah attended, she strives to make every student feel like a part of that family.


OneMind Dogs
Foundation for Agility
Mental Training:
Tools for Life
Coach Training Events
  • Handling Techniques 1 / September 2017, Mt Vernon, WA, USA
  • Foundation for agility / December 2017, Kaarina, Finland
  • Handling Techniques 2 / June 2018, Haukipudas, Finland
Certified to teach
  • OneMind Dogs Foundation for Agility

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