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OneMind Dogs Premium Membership - What’s In It For Me?

OneMind Dogs online service provides all dog enthusiasts around the world with an opportunity to train their dogs with the help of high quality, easy-to-follow educational material. The goal of OneMind Dogs is to help you understand your dog’s natural behavior better, and that way, become an even better handler for him.

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OneMind Dogs Introduction Course

This free course will introduce you with the OneMind Dogs Methodology – and we're all about understanding the dog's point of view. You can make agility more enjoyable for both you and your dog when you understand the dog's point of view.

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Can You Really Learn Online?

We are often asked if we think a handler can learn the OneMind Dogs methodology and the correct way to execute the techniques only from videos and articles in an online service. One of our leading instructors Janita Leinonen answered that question.

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