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Strength Training for Agility Competitors

Frankie & Simon Moore love fitness and agility. They shared with us their Top 5 Strength Routine - created especially for agility competitors, giving you the edge for your agility runs!

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Coach’s Pick - Jessica Ajoux

In Coach’s Pick, we asked some OMD Coaches to tell us which handling technique is their favourite and why and also to give you some tips on applying the technique on course. Read our quick interview with OMD Coach Jessica Ajoux to see why she loves the Reverse Wrap!

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Power Of The Mind - part 1

Sweet little poodle Minttu tells a touching story of some dramatic events that ended up changing her whole life. This is the first part of a series of two blog posts.

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Agility Is Better With OneMind Dogs

My name is Paul Enriquez and I compete in agility with my wife Elga, we have been involved with agility in Australia right since the beginning in the early 1990’s. In those days, Australian agility was a lot more like obedience. Times change and so did agility, more thought went into courses which meant your handling also had to improve.

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