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Keep Your Head in the Agility Game

Sometimes you see agility competitors who work beautifully in training with their dogs, and seem to have all the skills for success, but still rarely reach the same level in competitions. Basic agility skills might not be enough to get you to the top; mental factors also have a great impact in agility.

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Coach’s Pick - Channie Elm Ørsted

In Coach’s Pick, we asked some OMD Coaches to tell us which handling technique is their favourite and why and also to give you some tips on applying the technique on course. Read our quick interview with OMD Coach Channie Elm Ørsted to see why she loves the Flick!

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Inspiration For Handling From Behind!

Do you love to be ahead of you dog in the agility course? Are handling techniques like Front Cross, Blind Cross and German Turn your most used handling tools? See this video and get inspired for handling from behind instead!

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Christmas Ball Course

Simple sequences with just a few obstacles are the best way to practice applying handling techniques on a course. Try this exercise to practice several different handling techniques in a sequence. All you need is a couple of tunnels and five jumps!

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