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Our Web Store Is Open!

Something old, something new, something golden, something blue! OneMind Dogs classics with a twist and OneMind Dogs Coaches' favourites are now available in our web store.

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Your Dog Can Read You From A Distance

Handling your dog with a method that relies more on body language than verbal commands is often perceived as needing to constantly be ahead of your dog. Is it true? Do you need to be able to outrun your dog to handle him with body cues?

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OneMind Dogs Premium Membership - What’s In It For Me?

OneMind Dogs online service provides all dog enthusiasts around the world with an opportunity to train their dogs with the help of high quality, easy-to-follow educational material. The goal of OneMind Dogs is to help you understand your dog’s natural behavior better, and that way, become an even better handler for him.

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What If Things Don't Get Better

Leading OneMind Dogs Coach Mari Kaplas was suffering from a sore knee for several months. Finally she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with arthrosis and loose objects in her knee joint.

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Body Language Counts

"How to speak dog" is OneMind Dogs' series of tips for creating a deeper connection between you and your dog. Have you ever wondered why your dog behaves the way he does?

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