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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Some of you may remember our earlier story about Australian OneMind Dogs pack member Cornelia Kluck and her service dog and agility partner, Panda. Panda is a bone fracture support dog recruited by Aussie Angels and aside from helping Cornelia with everyday tasks such as groceries and medications, the pair are a successful and well know agility team, who have gained their Agility Dog Association of Australia (ADAA) Agility Champion title since our last interview with Cornelia.

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Hear It From The Coach: Why The OneMind Dogs Method Works For Everyone

People sometimes (mistakenly!) assume that the OneMind Dogs method is difficult and that you have to be an elite agility athlete with years of experience to start learning it. This could not be further from the truth. All dogs everywhere in the world intuitively understand the method, and it isn’t actually that difficult for the humans, either!

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Challenge Club Is Here – Join The Fun!

Mary Champagne, a OneMind Dogs instructor trainee in Connecticut has been teaching agility for several years. While she loves being an instructor she had been missing the ability to train with her own dogs more regularly and get feedback from others.

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No Border Collie? No problem!

You see a lot of Border Collies and Australian Shepherds on the agility course, so people sometimes mistakenly think that agility is only suitable for certain breeds. This could not be further from the truth.

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You Can’t Fake A False Turn - Part 2

Need to change the dog’s line a specific amount? Afraid a reverse spin will turn your dog too much or not enough? The False Turn could be the answer! Read the tips for executing the False Turn by OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach Katelyn Scott.

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You Can’t Fake A False Turn - Part 1

How does one go from avoiding a handling technique to using it in almost every course? You learn, like OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach Katelyn Scott did, that sometimes you must take a step backwards, to move forward.

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How to cope with fireworks on 4th of July?

Happy 4th of July to our friends in the USA! BBQ, family time, baseball, fireworks... The All American summer. Your dog might love the lingering smell coming from your grill, but he might not feel the same way about fireworks. Here are four tips that help your dog to cope with fireworks tonight.

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