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Anna's Christmas Tree Course

This lovely Christmas Tree Course is designed by OneMind Dogs Coach Anna Eifert! Anna designed the course for her students and wanted to share it with all OneMind Dogs pack members too!

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Give Your Dog The Gift Of Fun This Christmas

OneMind Dogs Coach Kayl McCann has designed this fun Christmas “gift” for OneMind Dogs pack members to enjoy with their dogs this holiday season. Kayl has provided sequences for different experience levels and with several variations so you can get a lot of use out of this present!

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Candy Cane Christmas Course!

Have some fun these holidays with OneMind Dogs Coach Niki Drage’s Candy Cane course! Niki runs the course with her dogs Flow and Envy, in between dips in the water trough to cool off as Australian Christmas is hot!!

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What to Buy Your Crazy Dog Lady or Guy

We all seem to have one token ‘Crazy Dog Lady or Guy’ in our lives… and they’re usually hard to buy for! They may be asking for another dog but deep down they know everyone in their lives already thinks they have too many…

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Dewey’s Journey: From a No Mind Dog to a OneMind Dog

A while ago agility handler Sue Crow approached her coach with a poem titled "No Mind Dog". She was inspired to tell the story of a lost handler, as she and her dog Dewey had now reached a turning point in their agility career; leaving the story of "no-mindness" behind them.

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Test Drive Our New Website!

Ever dream of being the first one to test drive the latest and greatest sports car? While we can’t offer you a Ferrari, you CAN be the first to test drive our new website!

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