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What is dog agility about? Learn more!

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Teaching And Proofing Obstacle Skills

Teaching your dog the obstacles is one big part of agility training. The more independent your dog is in performing the obstacles, the easier it will be for you as a handler to concentrate on your job on the course - directing your dog on the line that leads him to the correct obstacles.

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The Search Feature Is Here!

We have made a lot of changes on our website during the last couple of weeks. The new layout makes the website easier to navigate. The latest improvement is a search feature!

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Foundation Training - Party Time!

When your dog is looking at the training field, he should see it as an amusement park, not as an army boot camp. In OneMind Dogs foundation training, the main component is FUN! Check out this fun video of Rachel and Péle doing OMD foundation training!

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Mental Training & Agility

Sometimes you see agility competitors who work beautifully in training with their dogs, and seem to have all the skills for success, but still rarely reach their own level in competitions. Basic agility skills might not be enough to get you to the top: also mental factors have a great impact in agility.

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