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We enjoyed the challenge at Finnish Agility Championships!

The annual national Agility Championships were organized last weekend in Finland, OneMind Dogs’ home land. We hope that a lot of the handlers enjoyed working together with their dogs at the challenging event! The championship weekend was very successful for OneMind Dogs Coaches and handlers.

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Goal-Setting In Agility

Setting yourself some specific goals can help you keep up your motivation in training and competing. When you have goals, it is easier to keep track of your development. If you focus too much on a result on a competition course, it might have a negative impact on your performance.

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Tribute To Tex

Rose Savkov lost her dear friend far too early. See the beautiful video tribute to Tex by Rose's daughter Nikki Savkov, and read the eulogy by Janita Leinonen.

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Tools For Tight Turns

OneMind Dogs handling techniques offer tools for different types of situations and different shapes of turns on an agility course. In order to perform a tight turn around the wing of a jump, the dog needs to learn how to use his body efficiently.

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