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Body Language Has No Limits

OneMind Dogs community member Sandy White recently mentioned that her Shetland Sheepdog, Splash, has quite an amazing story. Of course we were intrigued and we just had to know more!

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Front Cross - Agility Handling Technique

Front Cross involves changing the handling side in front of your dog. You can use Front Crosses in many different situations on agility courses; you can use them on straight lines but you can also use them to cue a tight turn, as tight as 180 degrees for example.

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The Biggest Agility Game Changer: Mental Training

What plays the single biggest role in your agility game? Your mind. Before mental training, Janita Leinonen, inventor of the OneMind Dogs Method, couldn’t control her inner critic. In this interview she speaks on how mental training transformed not only her agility game, but her entire life.

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