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Obstacle Training

For us at OneMind Dogs, the dog is the star. When starting with agility, teaching the obstacles to the dog must be done in a safe way, making sure that there are no risks for injuries. Use only safe equipment, and if you are a beginner, don't take your dog to the obstacles without supervision.

The main goal in the OneMind Dogs obstacle training is to teach dogs thoroughly how to perform certain obstacles. We try to avoid situations where the dog´s obstacle performance skills limit the handler´s handling options. The more independently the dog can do the obstacles, the more possibilities the handler has to get through all kinds of sequences and courses.

We train with distractions at every obstacle, to make our dog´s obstacle performances strong. Despite what the handler is doing, the dog always tries her best to perform obstacles correctly.

Teach the obstacles to your dog with the help of the OMD obstacle training videos!

Learn more about proofing the obstacle skills in the Next Level series!

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The Chute [video]


The goal of teaching the chute to the dog is to have the dog perform the obstacle in a safe way regardless of the handler's motion or position.

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Long Jump, Double Jump, Tire, Wall [video]


When you’re proofing your dog’s obstacle skills, you should practice different approaches as well as applying different handling techniques on the obstacles. One of the best ways to do this is to put together a course incorporating all of these aspects!

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