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Foundation Training

When you start to build your “agility house”, the foundation training is the soil on which you build. Even the finest country house will collapse if the soil underneath is not solid. That’s why foundation training is so important: it affects everything you do in agility throughout your dog’s whole agility career.

During the past few years, the basic training of OneMind Dogs has progressed and become much more comprehensive. If we have noticed a problem with any dog’s behavior or response to handling, we have worked to come up with a way to proactively prevent the problem in the future with foundation training. What we really like about basic training is that you can do most of it anywhere: in your living room, yard or in a forest; you don’t need agility obstacles or a training hall to prepare your dog.

Start building your agility house with the help of OneMind Dogs foundation videos!

Check out Hu's Training Video Blog for more tips on foundation training!

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Next Level - Basic Training


Learn some great foundation skills for achieving a good balance of obstacle focus and handler focus with your dog. This episode is ideal for puppies and young dogs, or those needing to revisit their foundation skills.

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Calming Down Exercises [video]


Teach your dog to focus and remain calm under distraction so he doesn’t get over excited at training and trials. An over excited dog will get tired during a long competition day and can have problems focusing on jumping and performing contacts correctly.

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