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Hu's Video Blog

Are you looking for ideas on how to get started with your puppy or a beginner dog? You will most definitely want to follow this blog!

Leading OneMind DOgs Coach Mari Kaplas got Australian Kelpie Hu (Argosligeti Magic Eyes Kea) from Hungary in May 2013. Mari has videotaped puppy Hu’s life and training weekly since the puppy arrived to her household.

In Hu's Training Video Blog, Mari is showing us exercises that prepare the puppy for agility. There are many situations in everyday life, that can be turned into a training session. The main thing when training with a puppy is teaching him that the best thing in the world is doing stuff with the handler. The relationship between the handler and the puppy gets stronger by learning new things together.

Hu's Training Video Blog covers many different areas in the OneMind Dogs foundation training, such as focusing, offering a jump, and following the handling to the reward. Hu and Mari do a lot of coordination exercises, practice different handling techniques and learn the correct way to perform different obstacles, including the basic training for both 2on2off and running contacts. Mari also pays a lot of attention to teaching her puppy the correct state of mind, including how to calm down when needed.

Get some tips for training with a puppy and join the adventure!

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#10 Gymnastics Exercises


In the 10th episode of Hu's Training Video Blog, Mari and Hu are doing some body awareness exercises. They are also practicing focusing, nringing back a toy, and following the handling to the reward.

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#16 Forest & Handling Techniques


In episode #16 of Hu's Training Video Blog, Hu and Mari are spending some quality time together in the forest. Agility training consists of some handling techniques: Double Lapturn, Running On The Dog's Line, pull-through with a False Turn, Tandem Turn and Twist.

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