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Agility Training Challenge

An agility training challenge is a way to develop your ability to design a course with different set-ups of obstacles, and then decide on or even invent the best ways to handle them. Training challenges offer fun steps for achieving a common language with your dog!

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Check out the OMD Training Challenge playlist for the OMD Pack Members’ videos!

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Agility Training Challenge 6


The sixth Training Challenge is to plan your own course for this obstacle setup and to time it. The fastest course plan that the OMD coaches came up with will be published in about a month.

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Agility Training Challenge 1: Tips


The first challenge is about independent weaves and handling from a distance. The challenge has four different parts; each of them requires the dog to be sent to the weaves from a distance. Can your dog perform the weaves correctly even if you are sending from a distance to the weaves?

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