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The Next Level

The Next Level online training program gives everyone an opportunity to attend to a series of OneMind Dogs seminar. The Next Level videos series were filmed live over a six month period in Finland.

OMD launched this unique training program in late November of 2014. The coaches featured in the Next Level training program are Janita Leinonen, Jaakko Suoknuuti, Tuulia Liuhto and Elina Jänesniemi.

The training program starts with obstacle performance tests. These tests are designed to determine the current level of skills of each seminar participant. Basic training exercises assess many aspects of the handler’s relationship with the dog and the dog’s natural traits: for example; some dogs react naturally to sudden changes in rhythm while others do not. By completing these carefully designed exercises, handlers learn what they need to work on in future training sessions to bring out the best in their dog on course. OMD handling techniques are taught to the handlers in detail, and they get to apply the techniques in short sequences. With printable course maps, it is easy for online students to do the same exercises at home!

The Next Level videos include a lot of different types of handlers and dogs performing the exercises. Each team has their own strengths and weaknesses, which allows the viewer to see a wide variety of learning situations.

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Next Level - "What went well?"


Learn how to decide what techniques to choose on a course walk based on the best lines for the dog. Then learn how to analyze your own course performance, focusing on the things that went well and the results of your decisions during the course walk.

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Next Level - Course Training


Get some great tips for all aspects of course training including course walking, timing, interpretation of your dog’s line and handling technique application. See students run a course with a variety of different handling techniques to achieve optimal lines for their dogs.

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