A Story of Mac – A Deaf Dog from Denmark

A deaf border collie taught us that connection between human and dog does not need words. We simply need to learn to listen. 


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Faye Savary5 years ago

Wonderful story! I've seen so many people shouting at their dog during a course but I would really like to see someone perform a course in silence. Wishing you all the best for many years to come!

Stacy Richards6 years ago

Fabulous story and very inspiring. Congratulations and wishing you all the very best success !

Janita Leinonen6 years ago

Dear Tine, thank you for your story <3 To explain to people, who don't know how it effects to the dog, if his other ear it deaf: It's a little different situation when only the other ear is deaf compared to the dog that is totally deaf. The dog hears, but it can't perceive where the voice is coming from. So if the handler is calling the dog on his left side, it can run to the right. That is why Mac was confused in the beginning, when Tine still used verbal cues. In one puppy class we were sitting in a socialization ring. People were calling the puppy one at the time to give him some food. One puppy was always running to different people than the one calling him. I told the owners to take the puppy to the hearing test and his other ear was deaf. So if your dog is always running to wrong direction when you call him at home or while walking in a forest, the other ear deafness is one reason for that behaviour. With a dog the other ear deaf, I would use verbal commands only when I was in front of the dog and it could see me. When the handler is behind, the dog can turn the wrong way, because he can't know which side the voice is coming from. On the other hand when the handler is in front of the dog, the dog basically doesn't need verbal commands. So in the end I would handle him like a deaf dog, exept using released commands in start and contacts, but the dog should always see me while I'm using verbals. There is a reason for everything, Mac is going to make you to be the better handler Tine, I wish all the best to both of you!

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