Lap Turn [video]

Learn a handling technique called the Lap Turn. It is a very useful technique for handlers who are not always able to be ahead of their dogs to cue a turn.


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Cornelia Kluck or Connie4 years ago

I have a dog that readily turns away from me. I like the distance you use to turn the fog before he jumps! Also turn away into the weaves was great to watch! I have do much to learn! Great teaching video!

Tori4 years ago

In the video, it says that in the basic stages, the lap turn is always 180 degrees. In what way does that change after the basic stages?

Janita Leinonen4 years ago

You can use a Lap turn also to 90 degree or even 45 degree for example when sending to te tunnel.

Noora5 years ago

Hi Leah! Quickly said: in the Tandem Turn the dog is on your side (no at all coming towards you), and your and your dog's line go the same direction. Whereas in the Lap Turn the dog comes towards you first (you are facing the dogs) and then after the turn your lines are again going to parallel direction. Did this help you at all? Others can also expand the answer. :) @Leah Gardner

Leah Gardner5 years ago

Please can somebody explain the differences in the lap turn and tandem turn, I think I am missing something x

Annie Thorne6 years ago

I have just seen the Q and A page - I think that will help!

Annie Thorne6 years ago

We need to work on our turning away - it seems his preference is to turn in towards me.

Stacy Richards6 years ago

Fabulous! I can see where I have been making some errors... Thank you!

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