Technique Video Updates: Japanese

We’ve started updating the handling technique videos, and created short courses of the techniques in the process!

The OneMind Dogs method is based on the dogs’ natural reactions to the handler’s body language, and that’s why getting the techniques to work for any dog and handler team is so easy and fast. Things that are natural for dogs, don’t require several repetitions for them to learn. So, when updating the videos, we’ve changed some of the wording to emphasize that the “rules” for the techniques are the dogs’ rules, not ours! 

What’s new on the Japanese videos?

We have updated most of the texts in the Introduction to Japanese video, and added some new video clips.

A teaching phase has been added to the Japanese - Teaching video.

Start the short course about Japanese, watch the new version of the Introduction to Japanese video and learn how to teach the technique to your dog by watching the Japanese - Teaching video!



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