Technique Video Updates: Forced Front Cross

Most of the OneMind Dogs handling technique videos have been filmed and edited in 2012 - 2014. We have learned a lot from our dogs since then, and the way we emphasize a bit different things in teaching these days.

We have started to update the handling technique videos, and in the process we have also started to create “mini courses” of the techniques to the website, to make it easier for you to learn each technique from the basics to applying it in a sequence.

Forced Front Cross is one of the most efficient techniques when you need to get your dog to slice a jump from the backside. You can start the Forced Front Cross by leading out to the backside from the startline, or by moving to the backside as your dog performs the previous obstacle.

What’s new on the Forced Front Cross video?

The biggest additions to the video are the applications of the technique - Forced Front Cross to a Jaakko Turn and Forced Front Cross to a Front Cross.

There are also some other new clips, including a new tip for troubleshooting.

Start the short course about Forced Front Cross, watch the new version of the Introduction to Forced Front Cross video and learn to apply the technique as a part of a sequence!



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