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Catherine Thomas3 years ago

Are there any plans in the works for seminars/camps in Canada/The USA for 2016 :) really hoping this will be my year to do a camp

Noora3 years ago

Hi Catherine! Yes, we have plans and will publish some details very soon. :)

Catherine Thomas3 years ago

thank you Noora :) good luck with making all the arrangements

mary weir3 years ago

we need the USA western part!!!

Bert moran3 years ago

I agree. What can we do to get a seminar in the Western part of the USA.

Wendy Alexander3 years ago

Yes and Western Canada too! We have no one in that area!

Barbara Rekers3 years ago

Hello, i would like to take a part in the Seminar from Jane Elene Christensen in Mendig on 3./4.02.2016, orginised bei Claudia Zenner. It is not able for me to contakt Claudia bei FB - sorry!

Janita Leinonen3 years ago

Claudia's email:

janine woods3 years ago

Any chance you might do some seminars in the U.K in the future?

Becca Middleton3 years ago

Hi Janine, Elina did a seminar for me in April and we hope to have her back in the autumn, this will be near Peterborough. :)

Lynn Cuthbert3 years ago

I have heard there is a seminar in Canada in November? Is it possible to register for weekend days or would I need to go for all 4 days? I have to work during the week.

Noora3 years ago

Hi Lynn! We will publish more details in the beginning of July. Priority is usually at our camps to stay all days since training progress each day. Hope you can still join the camp! :)

David Yates4 years ago

Hi! Who is the event Co-ordinator for the Vancouver seminar?

Jenni Leino4 years ago

Hi David, I just replied to your e-mail :-)

Jenni Leino4 years ago

@Leonardi Anita If you are interested in attending to one of the seminars, please contact the event organizer. You can click for the contact information on the Rieden seminar in the list above. If you'd like more information from us, please e-mail us at Thanks!

Leonardi Anita4 years ago

Hello, I would like to know, or should I learn to register for the seminar in Mendig and Riden in Germany. Avane thank you for your answer. Best regards. Anita