Rear Cross [video]

Learn the Rear Cross! This classic handling technique is useful when you need a smooth turn while handling your dog from behind.


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Thomas Mulcahey last year

Rear cross from the 3, 2, 1 position? What is the difference and why do you rear cross from each position?

Niki Dragelast year

Hi Thomas, different approaches to an obstacle will affect the dog’s ability to commit to the jump, the later the dog commits, the harder it is to cross their line before take off. So we like to train many different angles to teach the dog how to pass the handler and commit to the jump even on an angle where they can’t see the bar as easily or as early.

Carla Simon4 years ago

Do you have a method for teaching the dog to wrap the farther standard, similar to above but in collection? You mention you sometimes use a verbal cue for collection. How do you teach collection on the flat?

Niki Drage2 years ago

Hi Carla, Yes we do, it is called the Flick and you can learn more about it here: In regards to collection, you can find more about that in this Q&A:

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