OneMind Dogs Method [video]

Learn the "whys & hows" of the method and gain a stronger understanding of the training principles. As a Premium member you will have access to the full video!


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Marie-george lavaurs4 months ago

En quelques jours mes chiens ont fait un énorme progrès! Merci pour toutes vos vidéos.

Niki Drage4 months ago

That's so great to hear :D

Paul and Elga Enriquez2 years ago

What an awesome video, the more you watch the more little details you pick up.

Vicki Plant2 years ago

This makes it so much clearer for me. Lots to learn here. Looking forward to it!

Niki Drage2 years ago

It's a great video isn't it 😊

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

Wow! Wow! Wow! Incredible. Inspiring. Wonderful. Great handlers. Great music. Great dogs! Thanks Channie Elm for recommending that I watch this video.

Nicole Levesque3 years ago

A great introduction and explanation of the methods behind the OMD Pack Mentality! :-)

Noora3 years ago

Thank you Nicole! :)

Debbie Taylor 3 years ago

Great video (now that I found it!!!) Will be watching this over again!!!

Stacy Richards4 years ago

I love watching this over again.... I always learn or have a lightbulb moment when I watch it....Thank you

Noora4 years ago

Thank you Joseph for your feedback! Welcome to OMD Pack! :) @Joseph Vincenzo

Joseph4 years ago

I am new to OneMind Dogs, having heard about it at a trial in Niles Ohio in the USA from one of the best handlers there. After having spent some time reviewing the site,I am hooked. It is the best I have encountered to date. I am also a student of Silvia Trkman who shares much of OneMind Methodology. I thank the Agility gods; or was it my own good sense to know instinctively what is gold?

Kyley Conder5 years ago

I'm new to the group, I'm on my third agility dog first I started with a pug, quickly became hooked my pug sadly passed and my family gave me a toy poodle who has accomplished a lot in her 4 short years. Then living on a farm my husbanded decided it was time for a working border collie!!! He has started competing he is an awesome dog with a lot of speed!!! I'm finding we go out with a hope and a pray. I just hope watching the videos we may to get to this level, it just makes so much sense. So thank you hopefully we will have good news to report lol

Emily Heitzmann5 years ago

What an amazing methodology...I have a very motion-sensitive Border Collie, and the concept of handling the line, not the obstacles has helped me so dog is relieved and we are working together SMOOTHLY as a team for the first time ever. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! :)

Noora5 years ago

You can find all the videos and articles by going through "Videos", "Articles" and the "Coaches' Corner". Premium members have full access to those. @Cat Salois

Cat Salois5 years ago

where can i find those weekly publications? i just started to get weekly email, but had not for a long while

Noora5 years ago

Hi Cat, we publish weekly different types of material to support the learning and training. The foundation training in more closer view will come soon to the site. We try to offer different kind of material as much as possible. Thank you for your feedback, we will definitely consider it. @Cat Salois

Cat Salois5 years ago

Is the a resource learn about all the different handling moves and terms that are part of OMD? Like the lecture section of your seminars? I assumed this would be covered with membership but I can find anything like that. Help

Janita Leinonen5 years ago

@Sandy Boyko You will :) But we believe you learn everything better, if you train all the techniques one by one, because now you really have time to train them and try the mistake parts (helps you to understand how your dog reacts), not only watch the videos through.

Sandy Boyko5 years ago

@Janita Leinonen Yes but I WANT to know everything!!!!!

Janita Leinonen5 years ago

@Sandy Boyko Hi Sandy, after you have learned how those elements work in different techniques, you'll see them automatically in that video also. You don't have to know everything yet, but that is a good video to return every now and then and see it every time with "new eyes".

Sandy Boyko5 years ago

Love the video and explanations.....wish there was a way to watch the "in action" part in slow motion to help the viewer (me) analyze the different elements that you are teaching????

Oscar van Gastel5 years ago

This is really a Christmas present! Great video, It makes OMD methodology a lot clearer. Merry Christmas!!

Marco Giavoni5 years ago

Well done my friends!!! :-) This is a great job! I love it!! Congrat! ;-)

Nellie Marsh5 years ago

I totally loved the shots from the dog's perspective! Beautiful video, great explanations, thank you!

Noora5 years ago

Hi Angi and thank you for informing about this. I will send you an email and ask few questions to find out why the video doesn't play in your computer/device.

Angi Buettner5 years ago

Hi One Mind Dogs team, this video does not play currently. I've tried two different browsers and at different times. Help?

Patricio Calderon5 years ago


Sandy Boyko5 years ago

When I tried it, it made so much sense to my dog! She wishes I had know this long ago!

Elizabeth Ampleford5 years ago

Wonderful. I love the repetition and the lines. Really helps in understanding why things are happening. Looking forward to putting this into practice!

Marijke Troch5 years ago

Great video! After the seminar in Belgium, I started studying your DVDs,...and now your videos also really help.....I am getting addicted!

Kathy Zook Miller5 years ago

Wonderful video! Thank you so much for providing this introduction. For me, as I've not yet been able to attend a seminar, this is a first real look, and I already feel a connection and an understanding. Remarkable clarity from your team!

Virginia Hagan5 years ago

I think the video explains well why my handler moves don't work out as planned.

Cheri 5 years ago

Excellent that really helps. I really like the repetition and the slow motion movement. Thank you.

sinead o donovan5 years ago

Brill brill!!!!

Christine Wingate-Wynne5 years ago

So cool and so clear

sashanto5 years ago

Superb! Can't wait to break this all down and really work every element.

Sabine Westhäußer5 years ago

so super !!

Betty Mayes5 years ago

So much to take in. I hope we'll do it bit by bit!

Esther de Jong5 years ago

I was waiting for this video !! Thanks..

Stacy Richards5 years ago

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!!! FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC!!!!!