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A Variety of Breeds Training Agility

When a person communicates non-verbal commands correctly, all dogs understand the same message, across the globe. Any dog, from anywhere in the world, will instantly understand OneMind Dogs. For them, it simply makes sense.

Not Only For Border Collies

People often think that because many of the OneMind Dogs handlers compete with Border Collies, the method is only suitable for certain breeds. That is quite far from the truth!  We still haven't found a breed the OneMind Dogs method does not work with.

OneMind Dogs is not our way to do agility, it is the dogs' way to do agility.  Dogs have taught us everything we know.  We haven't created the techniques or rules for them, dogs have!

A few years ago we counted that only 20 per cent of our students have a Border Collie. In 2017 the amount of Border Collies is 27 per cent. We have had 168 different breeds in our agility training. Jaakko has competed with 15 different breeds. He loves to try handling different dogs and run with our student's dogs.

See some great examples of OneMind Dogs method working with different breed of dogs!

Katja Alalauri with Kromfohrländer Koko

Anna-Kaisa Leino with Spanish Water Dog Dia

Satu Laru with Border Terrier Essu

Riitta Laitinen with Hungarian Vizsla Szep

Taija Mäkelä with Jack Russell Terrier Into

Esa Lehdistö with Fox Terrier Miro​

Anu Korpi with Miniature Schnauzer Myy (not yet competing) 

Kati Rouhento with Schapendoes Seela & Heikki Pälä with Schapendoes Sohvi​

Tea Huotari with German Shorthaired Pointer Mosku​

Kati Erholtz with Pyrenean Shepherd Dog Vissa

Reija Hirvonen with Pinscher Vili

Ina Ammunét with Staffordshire Bull Terrier Olga (10 yrs)

Ina Ammunét with Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rinkeli (1 year; first longer sequence)

Marika Salminen with Dalmatian Kelmi​​

Aila Laitinen with Shetland Sheepdog Keiju (weave training)

Tomi Sahramo with Australian Shepherd Loco

Julia Åivo with Manchester Terrier Lilo

Noora Keskievari with Parson Russell Terrier Bono

Anniina Myllyaho with Parson Russell Terrier Onni

Katja Nieminen with Miniature Pinscher Moona