Next Level - Blind Cross & Whisky Cross

Learn all about using the Whisky Cross and Blind Cross in a sequence and find out what the most important aspects are to focus on when applying these techniques.


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Matt Dietrich11 months ago

Very nice video, but there is a little difference between the videos and the course map by no 15 tunnel entrance.

Niki Drage11 months ago

Hi Matt, yes you are correct, we will get that fixed as soon as we can! Thank you for noticing :)

Niki Dragelast year

Just found this old video, I loved running this course, great fun!!

Nikolett Korcz4 years ago

Found the courage to share this with you. The before last whisky cross was a challenge due to speed and timing. And we have done a lot of CikCap, and my dog often mixed up my "whisky-cross-movement" and turn to the other direction. We got it sorted out by the end, yay!

Noora4 years ago

You are doing a great job Nikolett! Thank you for sharing your videos. :)