Next Level - Japanese, Jaakko Turn & Whisky Cross

Learn all about applying the Japanese, Jaakko turn and Whisky Cross in a sequence and discover some tips for helping your dog succeed with these techniques.


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Lisa Randbäcklast year

This is awesome. I will first do all without My dog for my muscle memory. Then with reward thrown so he understand his part. You show so good in all steps😍 It,s great because I get refusal if I stop , then he stops so I have to be in movement so we get this flow.

Jill Card3 years ago

Enjoyed this, thank you, well done.

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

This is a wonderful video and I so much enjoy Janita's accent as well as her cogent comments. So cute and beautiful is Janita and her methods. This video is a welcome addition to the other videos on Japanese, Jaakko turn, and whisky cross! I appreciate all the fine details! Wish I could marry Janita! Oh well, I can still enjoy learning from her at OMD! We are always the stronger in a state of admiration. OMD certainlys puts me in that state.

Nicki Gurr5 years ago

This was sooo fun!!! :)

Nicki Gurr5 years ago

fun setup! Level 21, however, is attached above- not the setup for 22 :)

Noora5 years ago

Hi Nicki! Thanks for the notice, now the link is changed. :) Have fun training!

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