Handling Elements - Video

In this course we have gone through all the seven essential elements of agility handling.

All OneMind Dogs handling techniques include elements of seven key factors to support the dog’s movement on an agility course and make it as easy and effective as possible.

Before you start practicing the handling techniques, watch this video to see how the elements work in practice!


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Dena Calivas23 days ago

Great attention to detail to make the difference!! Will refer and repeat the viewing often!! Thanks BUNCHES!! Now to work on getting the Boardwalk contact - it's a new issue.

Sue Huot-Singer6 months ago

Excellent video

Andrea Atkinson10 months ago

This video is the best! I refer students to it and they usually take a chance to look around your web site too.

Michael Palmerlast year

The video helps a lot

Niki Dragelast year

Great to hear :)

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