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Speak Fluent “Dog” With The OneMind Dogs Method!

In this course we talk about the story of OneMind Dogs, and show you why it is the best approach for you and your dog.

Janita says: I started agility in 1993, when the sport was very different and unsophisticated compared to today. Back then I was taught to handle my dog from one obstacle to another by pointing to the obstacle and naming it. After each obstacle, I would call her name to get her to look at me and point to the next obstacle. Even though I handled in this way, which was standard at the time, my first border collie Visse and I won the Finnish Agility Champion title. But our performance was not perfect; she dropped a lot of bars. Back then, I didn’t get that Visse never had a clue where she should go right after the obstacle she was performing, so she wasn’t able to just concentrate on jumping.

Since my dog Tekla became deaf in 2003 and taught me the OneMind Dogs method, my goal has been to teach handlers to understand agility from the dog’s point of view. I don’t want any dog to suffer from clumsy and illogical handling like Visse had to put up with!


The origin of the name: OneMind Dogs

As our new method of using the natural language of dogs developed, people started to call it “Janita and Jaakko’s” – or the J&J system. We didn’t want the method named after us, because it was actually created by dogs for dogs, not created by us people! Dogs taught us to understand. Without my deaf dog Tekla, we would never have begun to understand how dogs work in agility.

We wanted our method to be named after its main mission - a seamless connection between dog and handler on the course. Once you learn to think about agility from your dog’s point of view, it feels like you are working with one connected mind. From the outside, it can look like your dog is reading your mind; a smoothly running team, with mistakes almost impossible. OneMind Dogs best describes this state of perfection. We proudly dedicate this method to our dogs, the best teachers we could have wished for!

OneMind Dog’s philosophy is that we are constantly evolving; we do not limit ourselves by setting rules in stone. There is always more to learn, try out, and understand. We always work to think ‘out of box’. We travel around the world training agility handlers, which helps us to understand different dog training cultures and how we can support people improving training techniques and dog wellbeing.


Phil Seyer & Magic Momo

Yes, Magic Momo Superdog often seems to be reading my mind. I'm convinced now that OMD has helped me get this Two Souls, One Mind Connection with Momo.

11 months, 2 weeks ago

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