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In this video regarding speed, distance and the tandem turn the instructor tells the handler it's a training issue and he can show her how to train it. I'm wondering what his training method would be?

11 months, 4 weeks ago

Katelyn Scott OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Hi Betsy! In This case Jaakko was referring to the handler needing to pass the wing before starting the Tandem turn. He instead wanted the dog to go to the backside of the jump, without the handler completely passing the wing. This makes it more doable for the handler to get down the next line. If the dog has trouble with going to the backside of the jump with an earlier Tandem turn you can go back to the Tandem turn basic training, or even pre-place a reward/ have an assistant drop the reward when the dog makes the correct choice. Each step you are trying to see the dogs level of understanding, at any point if they don't understand you can break it down to simpler step for the dog. Each time the handler will be practicing the early timing and leaving.

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