International Training Week - Practicing Blind Crosses - Part 1

In this episode of the International Training Week video series, you will learn how to perform the Blind Cross.


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Monica Lordlast year

See the landing then change. I might be confused. I've always understood that you are supposed to already have turned your head the new direction before the dog lifts to jump in a blind cross, right? Jaakko isn't saying something different, is he?

Janita Leinonenlast year

Hi Monica, you are right, you have to turn your head the new direction at the latest one stride before the dog lifts to jump (or even earlier, right after commitment, commitment point here is already when the dog lands the previous obstacle). So Jaakko says: "Turn your head when the dog lands from PREVIOUS obstacle."

Monica Lordlast year

You cleared up my confusion. Thanks!

Shelley McGhielast year

This was just the coolest. I set up 1 - 14 in my yard today. I thought I would have trouble shaping the line from 2 to 3 to 4, but my dog read the false blind just beautifully and got it each and every time I tried it. I alternated between a threadle to 6 and a blind cross after 5 with a reverse wrap on 6. This was such a fun course!

Niki Dragelast year

Great to hear, did you get any video? We would love to see it!

Reeganlast year

Excellent explanation . See the landing ! Change

Niki Dragelast year

Makes it really easy to know what to look for doesn't it :)

Reeganlast year