OneMind Dogs Ltd was founded in 2012 by group of passionate agility handlers, coaches and innovators. Our goal is to help you to understand your dog’s natural behavior by spreading the word of OneMind Dogs method.

The worldwide demand for live training sessions based on the OneMind Dogs method is so high, that we have been able to meet only a fraction of it. The online service was developed to fulfill the demand by offering people more possibilities to learn the methodology.

OneMind Dogs’ main product is the online service that contains educational dog training videos and articles. Our site is a platform for learning and sharing information with our members. We are constantly producing new videos, articles, blogs etc. on the site. The online service works on subscription basis.

Dog enthusiasts around the world can train their dogs with the help of our high quality, easy-to-follow educational material. So far the main focus has been in the sport of dog agility but we are continuously developing the site so that, in the future, we also can meet the needs of dog owners who are not doing agility.

To help meet the demand for OneMind Dogs training, we have also launched an international training program for new agility coaches.

OneMind Dogs is a purely international company with a wide global network and clients on every continent.

Our head office is located in Southwest Finland in a Logomo office space, which is built inside of an old train garage offering an interactive community and modern facilities. Logomo gathers together creative companies and we are happy to share and live in these innovative surroundings.

Please get in touch with us by mail, email or visit our office!


OneMind Dogs Ltd
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