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Can You Really Learn Online?

We are often asked if we think a handler can learn the OneMind Dogs method and the correct way to execute the techniques only from videos and articles in an online service. One of our leading instructors Janita Leinonen answered that question.

"We have so many living proofs that it's possible!

We have been teaching in many seminars around the world. Several times we have been wondering how on earth can these people do everything so well without anyone teaching them those things. In all of these cases people have told us that they have learned the techniques from the OneMind Dogs videos, Training Ideas -dvd or our YouTube videos. They have copied the courses and handling options from these videos and gone training.

These people have been awesome! The only thing we have had to do when coaching them is just to explain why the options they’ve chosen are working and to make some small details better in their performances. They really have been amazing just by learning from videos by themselves, without any help from us.

We really love being able to help people to understand more about the way their dogs are thinking and making their runs better. That is why we put our hearts into teaching, both face to face and online!"

Watch the story of OneMind Dogs Coach Niki Drage!


Elizabeth Ampleford

The videos are a superb training tool and resource. But nothing beats an experienced eye helping you make subtle changes that do have profound effects! I feel very lucky to have experienced both.

3 years, 10 months ago

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