Blind Cross [video]

The Blind Cross isn't always the best way to turn the dog on the course. Learn how to use Blind Cross correctly and when you should perform the Front Cross instead.


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Lynn Sickinger3 years ago

Thank you Mikko. I feel I'm making progress since I got the first two. I did not think about a blind on #7

Niki Drage3 years ago

Hi Lynn, When you practice these exercises with your dog we would love to see some video! Don't forget you can post videos for discussion in the forum at Or if you need help with the exercise you can send a video with any issues you are having to "Ask the Coach" here: and we will send you come comments and suggestions :)

Lynn Sickinger3 years ago

On exercise 1 of the newly posted sequences, can you tell me what the handler's body position should be to get jump 5. Can you also tell us where you would blind cross in the sequences. Many thanks Lynn

Mikko Aaltonen3 years ago

Here are the places where you can blind cross: #2 Blind Cross #5 Backside Send to a Blind Cross #7 Blind Cross The handler's position at the jump #5 is on the landing side.

Yuho Shin2 years ago

What's the reason for the Blind Cross in the seventh hurdle?

Maurizio Mencarellilast year

First of all because it is an exercise of Blind Cross and #7 is a good place to blind cross.

Anastasiya Rusakova4 years ago

Hello! I have a question about teaching handling techniques. What techniques should be introduced first? Any recommended order for teaching them? Thanks

Jenni Leino4 years ago

Hi Anastasiya! This topic is discussed in a panel discussion with the coaches: Take a look :-)

Anastasiya Rusakova4 years ago

Thank you very much, Jenni! I am new to OMD... Is there any search option?

Jenni Leino4 years ago

There is not yet a search option, but we are working on it! Meanwhile, please check out this page:

Anastasiya Rusakova4 years ago

Thank you, it will help me a lot

Jenni Leino5 years ago

@Anne Andrle Check out the latest Q&A:

Diana Chapman5 years ago

I have trouble getting ahead of my dog for the blind cross. She is almost ten years old, so blind crosses are new for her. If I run fast to get ahead of her, she runs faster too, and we almost crash into each other. Any advice?

Niki Drage3 years ago

Hi Diana, Thank you for writing to us and apologies for the delayed response. You would be surprised how early you can do a blind cross. I find usually when people are colliding with their dogs it is because they are waiting too long to perform the cross. Try some exercises where you feel you are blind crossing too early and see what happens, better for it to not work and you know how early is too early, than to guess. Also in some situations a front cross may be better because of the angle of the turn. Do you have any video of your blind crosses so we can see what exactly could be going on?

Noora5 years ago

Hi Anne, thank you for your question. We will post an answer to tho a bit later. :) @Anne Andrle

Pascal Roelands2 years ago

I have the same question, but I don`t see a answer yet :-( BR Pascal

Pascal Roelands2 years ago

Found it :-)

Anne Andrle5 years ago

Thanks, this has been really helpful! One question I have... I'm having a hard time understanding the comment that 'the dog should not be turning more than 45 degrees'... Would it be possible to post a CRCD map from the dog's perspective, of the angle of turn, and what is less than and what is more than a 45 degree turn? I know I'm probably being dense! :(