2on2off Contacts - Dogwalk

When running in a competition, the dog is required to touch the contact zones with at least one paw on all contact obstacles: dogwalk, seesaw and A-frame. 2on2off is one of the training methods for down contacts.


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Elsie Sinclair2 years ago

How can I ensure that my dog hits the first contact? She is good at hitting the second contact 2-on-2-off but she likes to jump over the first one when going full speed.

Niki Drage2 years ago

Hi Elsie, you can see a great post about exactly that in the forum here:

Elsie Sinclair2 years ago

Thank you so much!

Diane Nelson2 years ago

I would appreciate some suggestions to help our dogwalk. The 2o2o position on the dogwalk is very good at home and in competition. My dog is slow when going across the dogwalk. Elsewhere on the course, at home or in competition, he is quite fast. His A-Frame and weave poles are very fast, too.

Niki Drage2 years ago

Hi Diane, Have a look this video and this one Both cover common problems with the dog walk like the one you mentioned :)

Jasmin Jähne3 years ago

Hallo, I have a problem with Fibys 2on2off on the Dogwalk. She stays goot on the Target, in perfect Position but She snakes in this. Whenn I say her "Touch" she snakes down the Dogwalk, and when she gets the "OK" then she moves forward with full speed. But I want her in full speed on the Dogwalk to. Whath can I do?

Niki Drage3 years ago

Hi Jasmin, This is a common issue and there are some great tips about it in this Next Level episode: ​ There is also a discussion in the forum about this which might help you: Personally I also find that when training the exercises in the 2on2off dogwalk video, if you throw in early releases fairly regularly (as soon as your dog hits the correct position release them to the reward) that can help increase the speed to the position. Also having an assistant there to reward your dog so he doesn't see the reward already there as he's getting into position can really help.

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

Sometimes the dog needs to face to the right or left depending on where the next obstacle is. I don't agree dog must always face forward.

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

Momo says: "I started with a plank flat on the ground. It was so easy I enjoyed it. -- The only thing I didn't like was having to wait my turn in class to do it."

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

The key to good contacts is to make sure your dog enjoys the contact stay: provide a book for your dog to read while on the contacts, along with sun glasses and ice tea, a bone, and a bag of treats. You can see that at 2 Minutes and 30 seconds into this video:

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

My goal is to master all OMD techniques. Here's an animated gif file showing Momo's run down from dog walk to 2on2off. I value your opinion please let me know what you think. Please see: Once I get 2on2off consistently I plan to work on giving an immediate release to give the same effect as a running contact.

Rachel Shubert4 years ago

Ok in the video is says to introduce the dog to a low wide pupppy dog walk if available...i do not have one available, so do you still recommend the same technique but just on a low regular dog walk or is there something slightly different we should do?

Niki Drage3 years ago

Hi Rachel, ideally you could grab any kind of plank and place it on something low like a stool to start with, if that is not possible then can you remove the legs from your dogwalk and lower it on to something else for support so it is not so far off the ground? If not then just take it very carefully and don't start allowing your dog to do the dogwalk independently until you are confident that he is able to balance and control his body so he doesn't get injured

Jim Saxon4 years ago

Very helpful!

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