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Project: Chi's Seesaw [video]

"Without the dark, we would never see the stars."

Watch the video of this educational project. Read also the full story about the process!


Chi's Seesaw Project

Chi is our almost 5 year old smooth coated Border Collie. Because of the rabies rules, she was already 4 months old before we got her. She was afraid of everything: different surfaces, vacuum cleaner, children, car, you name it. It took three weeks before she dare to go through the doors and eight months before she let people to touch her without throwing herself down and wetting herself. The start with Chi was everything but not easy. Read more...



Sweeyen Yap

I can completely relate to this. I currently only compete with one dog because the other 2 have so many fears - people, other dogs, contact obstacles. I am so inspired by this to help them overcome these. I'd like to know how to apply Premack with a dog who would jump a 6 foot fence to chase cats. :)

4 years, 5 months ago

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