Project: Chi's Seesaw [video]

"Without the dark, we would never see the stars." Watch the video of this educational project. Read also the full story about the process!

Chi's Seesaw Project

Chi is our almost 5 year old smooth coated Border Collie. Because of the rabies rules, she was already 4 months old before we got her. She was afraid of everything: different surfaces, vacuum cleaner, children, car, you name it. It took three weeks before she dare to go through the doors and eight months before she let people to touch her without throwing herself down and wetting herself. The start with Chi was everything but not easy. Read more...



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Terry Steg11 months ago

I can relate, my first agility dog was fear reactive to people & dogs, along with severe separation anxiety. He went on to be a good agility dog that could run anywhere, but what a lot of work, like earning a PHD in animal psychology!!!

Jana wilson3 years ago

I just saw this video and am so glad I did! I have a dog who is learning agility later in life...starting at 3...and she is deathly afraid of the teeter! Her littermate, who I trained from a puppy, also was afraid for a long time but loves it now. However this new dog is more fearful in general...I love the idea of having a teeter performance before going on to something REALLY FUN as a way of getting her through it. I'm going to try it tonight!

Julie Seeley4 years ago

Great lessons here! Thank you.

Pierre Horath4 years ago

How Long time did it take to get that conversion?

Janita Leinonen5 years ago

@Gary van Vliet Hi Gary! It will be in Next Level trainings and contact teaching video how we are training staying behind in contacts. For Chi it doesn't matter what is the handlerd position, she is so obsessed with the see-saw nowadays.

Gary van Vliet5 years ago

Hi what I would like to see is contacts from behind the obstacle Ifind lateral distance ok But to up the challenge and have good contacts from a good distance back difficult

Geralyn Russo5 years ago

Wow! That is very interesting and a nice surprised or sure!@Janita Leinonen

Janita Leinonen5 years ago

@Geralyn Russo Hi Geralyn! We didn't teach Chi to slide. She was just so afraid of the teeter, that she never got her belly up from the teeter even though she put more speed there...

Janita Leinonen5 years ago

@Cat Salois Hi Cat! We'll put here also the obstacle and foundation training later.

Cat Salois5 years ago

Will there be follow up to come with teeter training? Or ohylosiphy?

Geralyn Russo5 years ago

How did you get Chi to slide on the teeter?

Sarah Babcock5 years ago

This is a great story. Very encouraging. And very impressive too.

Angi Buettner6 years ago

Big smile!

Annie Thorne6 years ago


Kelly St-Jacques6 years ago

Totally inspiring!

Jo Ann Eichorn6 years ago

Pretty work!

Ellen Erickson6 years ago

Powerful info which should be taught to others. Am looking forward to more learning.

sinead o donovan6 years ago

Love this one:) brings me back to my summer.

Ann MacLean6 years ago

good girlie!!

Sweeyen Yap6 years ago

I can completely relate to this. I currently only compete with one dog because the other 2 have so many fears - people, other dogs, contact obstacles. I am so inspired by this to help them overcome these. I'd like to know how to apply Premack with a dog who would jump a 6 foot fence to chase cats. :)

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