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Christmas Ball Course

Simple sequences with just a few obstacles are the best way to practice applying handling techniques on a course. Try this exercise to practice several different handling techniques in a sequence. All you need is a couple of tunnels and five jumps!

Try this:

  • Front Cross #2
  • Forced Front Cross #3
  • False Turn #5
  • Lap Turn #6
  • Backside Front Cross #7
  • Reverse Spin #8
  • Tandem Turn #9
  • Backside Send #10
  • Tandem Turn #11
  • Running On the Dog’s Line #12
  • Running On the Dog’s Line #14
  • Flick to Blind Cross #15
  • Forced Front Cross + Front Cross #16
  • Japanese #18

See a list of the OneMind Dogs handling techniques here.

Question 1:
If your dog slows down when you turn to face him or you have a physical restriction that makes turning difficult, what technique could you use at #3 instead of the Forced Front Cross?

Question 2:
Why is it important to carefully consider your running line after the Reverse Spin at #8?

There are a variety of ways to handle this sequence, and the same option won’t be the best one for all dog and handler teams. What kinds of options did you come up with? Which option worked best for you and your dog and why?

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