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Hear It From The Coach: Why The OneMind Dogs Method Works For Everyone

People sometimes (mistakenly!) assume that the OneMind Dogs method is difficult and that you have to be an elite agility athlete with years of experience to start learning it. This could not be further from the truth. All dogs everywhere in the world intuitively understand the method, and it isn’t actually that difficult for the humans, either!

We asked a few questions about why our method suits everyone regardless of current skill level from one of our amazing Coaches, Ivette White. Ivette is based in Half Moon Bay, California, and she has been addicted to agility since 1996. She has enjoyed much success in agility through the years and is currently competing at the Masters level with her youngest dog, Roxy, an adorable toy poodle.

Ivette is currently a OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach and she has an interesting blog where she writes about her experiences with agility - definitely check it out!


How skilled do you have to be to start learning about the OneMind Dogs method?

I think the OneMind Dogs method works great for both novice and experienced dog trainers. I have many students that were new to dog training when they started classes with me. They learned the foundation exercises quickly and their dogs’ progressed steadily. The foundation exercises are very natural to the dogs, which makes training the human students much easier! The 3 C’s concept is easy to explain to all levels of dog trainers and my students are able to apply it no matter what level they are training.


If someone is not interested in competing, can they still start learning the OneMind Dogs method?

All of my students learn the OneMind Dogs method from the first time they take my classes. I have several students who do not have goals to compete at the moment. These students have benefited from the OneMind Dogs method just as much as my students who compete. The OneMind Dogs method helps create a strong bond between dog and handler and it also teaches the handlers to understand how best to communicate with our dogs. No matter what your personal agility and dog training goals may be the OneMind Dogs method makes training fun and rewarding for both dogs and handlers.


How do your students like the OneMind Dogs method?

I feel my students really enjoy learning the OneMind Dogs method. It works for all breed types and drive levels. They also like that so much of the method is natural to the dogs. The dogs are receiving lots of rewards for doing what comes naturally to them. To the dogs, agility is only seen as a super fun rewarding game they get to play with their human partner. Some of my students are first time agility handlers yet they are able to grasp the footwork quite easily. I have one dog and handler team who are new to agility and the dog was very timid. OneMind Dogs method allowed for this dog to gain confidence getting rewards for doing what came naturally to her. She is now currently running full courses with confidence and smiles on both her and her handler’s face.


What has been the biggest benefit for YOU in the OneMind Dogs method?

With regard to teaching, the OneMind Dogs method makes teaching easier by having a wonderful detailed program for teaching the various skills and techniques. Each technique is described in great detail, which makes becoming proficient in each technique much easier. Also, having the amazing minds of the Coaches and Assistant Coaches at OneMind Dogs is a great tool for me. It is a huge asset to be able to discuss training with the OneMind Dogs team; their knowledge and advice has been invaluable to me!


Anything else you might want to say about why the OneMind Dogs method works for everyone?

I believe the OneMind Dogs method works for everyone because I have seen it work for many types of dogs and handlers. As an Assistant Coach I have enjoyed learning in more detail the techniques and how to teach them. It is so inspirational to see dog and handler teams communicating as one!