Whisky Cross [video]

Learn the Whisky Cross! The Whisky Cross is a Rear Cross that is executed at a very tight angle, with an approach from the side or backside of the jump. Your dog is unable to commit to the obstacle early as he won’t see the bar on approach, which makes the technique challenging for some dogs.


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Jenni Leino5 years ago

@Joseph Vincenzo You can now find the answers to your questions here:

Joseph5 years ago

I have two questions: 1. Why is it called "Whisky Cross"? 2. What criteria should one consider when deciding to use the WC?

Jo Ann Eichorn5 years ago

Hey! Three cheers for the Whiskey! Have seen a need for this, have thought I was training it, yet this video makes it crystal clear. Thanks One Mind!

Kathy Zook Miller5 years ago

Tuulia helped me understand this cross during an OMD seminar. Unlike some of the other techniques, it needed to be broken down for 1. my understanding without my dog & 2. step by step for my dog. I appreciate having a solid understanding of this cool move and have used it on American-type courses (I'm not a world championship competitor, but I still find applications for everything I learn from OMD)

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