What Does My Dog Do If I Handle Like This?

“There are so many fancy moves with weird names, why do they need so many of them?”. All OneMind Dogs handling techniques were created for a purpose.

The handling techniques are tools to help our dogs to take a specifically shaped line after an obstacle. There are many scenarios on the course and we want to have an answer for all of them. For example, your dog can be approaching a jump straight, or he needs to go to the backside of a jump to perform it correctly. Your dog might get to continue straight after landing, or he might need to turn a certain amount of degrees after landing to get to the path that leads to the next obstacle.

Did you notice we were talking only about your dog so far? You, the handler, might be on the same side of the jump as your dog, or not. You might need to change handling sides after the obstacle, or not.

If we want to make reading the course as easy as possible for our dogs (which we do, of course) we need to tell them what is going to happen next, as early as possible, even while they are still approaching the obstacle. With a lot of different scenarios on the course, we are going to need more than just a couple of different tools!

To understand which handling tool to pick, you need to understand what kind of line each technique creates for your dog.

We created a new series of short animated videos that demonstrate how performing a handling technique will affect your dog’s line.



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