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The Three Cs [video]

Imagine a universal language. A language between human and dog. A language that every dog on the planet naturally understands. 

The three Cs represent the heart of the OneMind Dogs method. The letters stand for Connect, Commit and Cue. These are the principals of proactive handling; your dog is connected with you, the handler, and is aware at all times of where to go next.

When you understand the principles of C-C-C, and combine them with OneMind Dogs handling techniques, it will be easy for your dog to advance on an agility course. Together you will reach optimum results in agility!

Watch the video to learn more about the three Cs!


Phil Seyer & Magic Momo

The three C's. A great concept and very helpful. However, I don't quite understand how you get get a dog to commit without giving a cue. Yet the order is described as Connect, Commit, and Cue. Is it that the body language or verbal that generates a Commitment is more general in nature and the cue is more precise and includes a suggestion as to what is coming next?

2 years, 4 months ago

Niki Drage OneMind Dogs Coach 2 years, 4 months ago

Commitment is when you see that the dog will continue to that obstacle no matter what the handler does. It's you job to give the dog the correct lines so that she commits to the correct obstacle. Once your dog is committed to the correct obstacle then you can "cue" where you are going next, just like you said.

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