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Test Drive Our New Website!

Ever dream of being the first one to test drive the latest and greatest sports car? While we can’t offer you a Ferrari, you CAN be the first to test drive our new website!

It’s your lucky day!

The latest and greatest OneMind Dogs website is launching soon, but before it goes live we need some help. We’re looking for a group of volunteers to test drive our new site and tell us how smooth the ride is...


How the test group works

As part of the test group, we’d like you to cruise around our new website and take note of the things you like, as well as the things that you feel could use improvement and why. Anyone is welcome to volunteer - in fact we encourage people of all different training levels and backgrounds to join this group. Our goal with the new website is to have the most user friendly, educational experience possible.


Ready to get behind the wheel?

There are a limited number of test drive spots available! If you’d like to take the new site out for a spin please register as a test driver. After registration you will receive additional instructional emails from us. Thank you in advance for your help!

Registration has ended



Melinda Mello

I'm a retired software engineer so I will put your website through its paces. I am also an agility newbie. I have been doing agility for about a year. Testing the new website will also allow me to visit parts of your website that I might not ordinarily visit.

10 months, 2 weeks ago

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