Technique Training - Japanese Epidemics

After practicing the Japanese with the help of the handling technique video, you can now take your training to the next level by applying the technique in a sequence!


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Anna Eifert2 years ago

Magda, you did such a great job with your students!!!

Stacy Richards3 years ago

Just watched again and I love the set ups for training this. On my list now!

Paul and Elga Enriquez3 years ago

I find it so interesting on how some dogs commit so early and other dogs so late, the magic is know your best friends commitment point to make it look smooth.

Katelyn Scott3 years ago

Great observation Paul and Elga! :) Each dog will commit at a slightly different time based on their previous experience and understanding. Getting to know what your specific dog needs helps flow through every technique. You can also build their obstacle commitment to make things flow smoother in the future! :)

Stacy Richards3 years ago

WOW!!!! Love it !!!!

Beth Henderson3 years ago

Such fun! Thanks! I will try it soon

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

Thanks for showing these examples of the Japanese! I'm working on improving my timing when using this technique.

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