Small Sequences For Technique Application

Apply 7 different handling techniques on a course of only 7 obstacles! Two differently numbered sequences on the same course set up of only six jumps and one tunnel allow you to practice many techniques without much equipment or space. These exercises are designed by OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach and Agility Judge, Marko Mäkelä.


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Marjorie Otterson10 months ago

How great to see more exercises for small spaces! We are in the middle of a snowstorm here in the Northeastern US, but I look forward to setting these up this Spring once it all melts!

Reegan10 months ago

more of this please , easy to set up for the week . Tackling exercise one this week .

KATRINA JACKSON10 months ago

this would be a big backyard in my work. I can fit about 4 of the items you have

Cornelia Kluck or Connie11 months ago

Hi Mark, we tried both of your sequences and then put them together in one run! Forgive me, but I have a disability and some spasticity with it due to skeletal changes. In course 1 I found it much easier to start with a Jaakko Turn on jump 1 and then do my Bind Cross much closer to jump 3. But from reading your notes, I figured that was probably wrong, that I had a lead-out and could run into position to blind cross before the dog took jump 2. Eventually I wondered whether I should have tried tried the other wing of jump 1, but that meant quite a push over to jump 3? In the second sequence, I encountered a stubborn off-course problem with the off-course tunnel from jump 4 to jump 5. I managed to record one successful effort with a False Turn, but when I put the two sequences together, I had to replace the False Turn with a Forced Front Cross to a Jaakko Turn, to convince Panda that I really did not want the tunnel - regardless how much he liked it... The virtual dog did jump 1 with a Jaakko (unintentionally), also did three False Turns from 1 - 2, 3 -4, and 5 - 6 in the second sequence. The real dog responded better to a Reverse Spin between 1 - 2, plus the FFX/Jaakko on 4. I only just make it to the very last Blind Cross without getting my heals clipped... Here it is! Please do not expect a world championship run!😂 Thank you so much for this great exercise!❤️🐼

Diane Gibbons11 months ago

I love small space sequences! Can't wait to try these. Thank you, Marko.

Yuho Shin11 months ago

It is really nice and good content. Especially for those who practice in small spaces like me. In the future, I would like to ask you for other small sequences and detailed explanations.

Niki Drage11 months ago

Thanks for the feedback Yuho, we are aiming to do more sequences like this so it's great to hear that you enjoyed this!

Cornelia Kluck or Connie11 months ago

Marko, I love these! I have to set them up and practise!

Marko Mäkelä11 months ago

Nice to hear! Looking forward to know how it goes :)

Cornelia Kluck or Connie11 months ago

Marko, I’ll video my efforts and post the link!😄❤️🐼