Backside Send [video]

Learn all about the Backside Send! European style courses nowadays almost always include backside jumps. This is why many of the OneMind Dogs handling techniques are based on different variations of backside jumps all of which rely on a very strong basic training of the Backside Send.


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Wendy Koski10 months ago

Was looking for the place where you talk about the dog needing to see the wing on a back side. Was that for a particular handling technique or a given for any back side sends

Pam Whitelast year

We've been training for 2 years and the back side send is still one of our problem handling techniques. My dog will usually go round the back of the wing OK but then struggles to commit to the jump if I am moving away.... I'm having to wait for her to be in the air almost before moving off, which isn't good for being able to stay ahead and cue the next obstacle in time. I've practised a lot using the training video above, in a small, slow sequence and get good results but put the sequence into a longer course and at speed and the commitment becomes a problem. I managed to get some video at training last week ...if anyone can offer any help. I'm open to strong critique ! ;-) Thanks !

Pam Whitelast year

That should say training for 3 years! Time flies! ;-)

Shelley Bayard de Vololast year

Hi there, I am not an expert, but I noticed in your video you did not give a strong indication to come back over the jump once the dog was on the back side. So, dropping the arm that is closest to the dog (the right arm) is one way to indicate come back over the jump. Your left arm is also up, so its not clear to the dog which way they are supposed to go. In the lesson video I think they use their left arm to indicate "come back over the jump".

Pam Whitelast year

Thanks Shelly - Since posting the video I've been working on it and have seen some good improvements. As you say, I need to be more clear with my arm movements but also I noticed I was watching my dog too much and almost freezing, watching her as she was committing to the backside but then not moving myself away. Once I started to move off quicker and stop staring at her we got better and its now less of an issue ! Still work to do though! :-)

Janita Leinonenlast year

Hi Pam! Your dog is just being polite. If you stop your video on a point when your dog is on take off point, you are in her landing spot. She has two options: jump on you or take a refusal, she does a wise choise. Read and look here the video of obstacle #14: Work also you handling elements in German turn: - You should send the dog backside from the middle of the bar and every step should go forward after that. - Your position should be in the end of far end wing before the dog is in a take off point. - You should look the landing before the dog passes the plane of the jump - You should turn your laser point towards the landing (happens easier if you handle the dog with your opposite arm over the bar).

Pam Whitelast year

Thanks Juanita, that is a really helpful explanation ! I’ll work on my own moves without my dog to start and then see if I can do better for her! 😊

Pam Whitelast year

My autocorrect put the wrong spelling for your name, sorry! It thinks you are from Spain not Finland ! 😮🙄😂

Bara Opltova2 years ago

You have a verbal cue for a backside send. Can I use just the slow down cue?

Hannah Eskowlast year

Hi Bara! The Backside Verbal is to help the dog recognize they are going around to the backside of the jump (not taking the front), so a slow down cue would be different than training a backside verbal. However, your body language is strong enough on the Backside Send that you don't have to train a verbal if you do not want! But it helps to use it in conjunction with the other handling elements as a supporting role :)

Phil Seyer & Magic Momo3 years ago

Janita is so wonderful, almost like an agility angel! Thanks for the link. I might offer this idea: I've noticed that lots of dogs drop bars. A simple thing to do to improve this is to give a dog lots of practice and cheerfully correct the dog if it drops a bar with "nice try" -- do not offer reward. Then when the dog takes the jump successfully offer a reward with lots of play and encouraging words. Remember, the dog is always right. When it fails to take a backside jump, it is because we have failed to offer proper training.

Molly rapini4 years ago

I have a question. My dog often knocks bars with back sides as she comes around the wing too tight. I have tried putting a cone behind the wing. Are there any other excercises/techniques that can help?

Janita Leinonen4 years ago

Basic training to Reverse Wrap helps them think out and go more far away from the wing.

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