Reverse Spin [video]

Learn a handling technique called Reverse Spin. It is a very effective technique for changing your dog's line after an obstacle or to avoid off-course obstacles that would otherwise appear on your dog’s natural line.


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David Hamilton3 years ago

Ive been asked by a classmate, what the difference is between the "Reverse Spin" and the "Jakko"? I was wondering how you would explain the difference. The best I can come up with, is the Jakko is performed close to the jump, giving a deceleration cue to the dog, and getting a tight turn and the R.S. can be done further away from the jump, and will still get a tight turn, but not as tight.... Am I close? Thanks, Dave Hamilton

Jenni Leino3 years ago

Hi David! Yes you are correct :) We have written a Q&A article as a reply to this question:

Yuho Shin3 years ago

What is the difference between a Reverse Spin and a Reverse V-set when you finish with a blind cross?

Jenni Leino3 years ago

Hi Yuho! Thanks for your question :) A Reverse Spin is done a bit further away from the obstacle, and no rhythm change is needed. A Reverse V-Set is done close to the bar, and the idea is to shape the dog's line on the takeoff side of the jump. A Reverse V-Set is used in situations where you really need a tight turn around the wing of the jump. Reverse Spin is used for correcting the dog's line and passing off course obstacles. Read more about V-Set in this article by Jaakko: I hope this helps!

Louise4 years ago

Sometimes when I do a reverse spin on an angled jump, my dog reads it as a rear cross and turns the wrong way. I have noticed that the beginning of each move is quite similar. How can I make it more clear to my dog which one I want?

Jenni Leino4 years ago

Hi Louise :-) Take a look at this article: When doing a Front Cross or a Reverse Spin, you begin them in the same way. This is why this article about the step in Front Cross will answer this question of yours, too :-)

Louise4 years ago

Thank you! I think my problem has been a lack of, or late, rhythm change.

Jenni Leino5 years ago

@Ana Zuluaga Hi Ana, check this out:

Ana Zuluaga5 years ago

Hello! What is the diference between reverse spin and Jaakko turn? Thanks

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