Q&A: Hands in Tandem Turn

A question concerning the usage of hands in Tandem Turn.


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Lori Duncan10 months ago

Thanks so much for this Q&A! It helped me understand the video better.

Kathy Zook Miller5 years ago

My dog definitely turns towards me (as in FC) when I pick up my opposite hand and so I have adopted using the nearest hand earlier in cuing the tandem turn. I have to be careful of my feet, too, because I initially trained RC off of my inside foot (step behind dog and dog turns) - the timing of "inside outside hand or foot" needs to be perfect to not confuse my dogs. I'm commenting because I use the tandem turn quite a lot and have found that the way you teach it and explain it is very clear - then the team of handler/trainer & dog might need to tweak the timing of the hands and feet to cue it best for their dog's understanding. That is one reason I LOVE no hands training. It was just a game we played years ago - but the way OMD uses it has opened my eyes and I use it when I walk a course; when I train something new; when I realize I'm not using my chest laser pointer correctly and/or disconnecting from my dog. . .