Pushing the Boundaries - Advanced Training and Beyond

When you are an advanced agility competitor, it’s important that you still keep your training versatile and continue pushing your boundaries. If you train alone and always plan your own training courses, you might end up only running courses that are in your team’s comfort zone.

As a OneMind Dogs premium member you will have access to a wide variety of exercises that will push you out of your comfort zone:

  • Technique training: After learning an individual technique with the help of the handling technique video, challenge your understanding on courses that combine the technique several times in a sequence.
  • Technique quizzes: After learning new techniques, see if you can figure out where to apply them on a course to suit your team.
  • Sequence training: OneMind Dogs Coaches all over the world are planning exercises that help you test your skills and find the best handling solutions for you and your dog.
  • Course training: Ready to test your training? Plan your handling on a full competition style course, then run your dog and see what went to plan and what you need to work on.
  • Next Level: See students being coached in real seminars and learn by watching! Next Level seminars feature a variety of techniques and skills so you learn something new every time.
  • Hu’s blog: Follow all the training of Mari’s Kelpie Hu, from her first arrival as a pup to advanced technique and obstacle training as an adult.
  • Training Challenges: Push your team by completing training challenges that help you think outside the square. Watch and share videos from other pack members for inspiration!


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Our discussion forum is filled with training ideas by other OMD pack members. Recent discussions that really got the pack members talking include:

There are new discussions raised regularly and you can participate in active discussions, or start your own! Do you have a question or something you want to confirm? A course that has you stumped for handling ideas? An inspirational video to share? We would love to see you in the forum! Simply Sign Up (it’s free!) and Join the discussion forum!


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BJ Walker3 years ago

Ooops, that's Premiun, not Premier. Excited about the new AKC titling class, I guess. BJ

Jenni Leino3 years ago

Hi BJ! In addition to the tips Niki gave you: remember that there is a search option on our site (top right hand corner) if there is something specific you'd like to study and learn? I recommend you join the discussion forum where you can talk to other members of the OneMind Dogs pack, find some ideas for training etc. You can access the discussion forum here:

BJ Walker3 years ago

I joined the Premier membership and have no idea what to do now. I've read all the Clean Run articles and watched all the free OMD videos. But now that I'm a member for 4 months, how do I use this membership. I'm not even sure if this is the correct place to ask this question. Please help. BJ Walker

Niki Drage3 years ago

Hi BJ, there are many places you can go to now, it all depends on where you are at currently in your training and what you are keen to work on. You can always ask questions by clicking the question mark in the right bottom corner of your screen if you get stuck. Meanwhile have a look at this page: for some ideas on where to get started. Also if you know what you want to work on but can't find the information then the site map is very useful:

Niki Drage3 years ago

Sorry that getting started link did not work, try this: