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OneMind Dogs Coaches


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Kaye Juhl5 months ago

Our local California coach Liza Buckner is great at keeping the class moving and still encouraging and smiling at the end of a 100 degree day!! Amazing fun and informational!

Bruce & Maureen Antal11 months ago

Timo was incredibly patient in answering so many questions from my group. He challenged us to look at the dog's line and to find the best maneuvers for running the dog's line. -Maureen

Bruce & Maureen Antal11 months ago

Mari is also amazing! She makes learning so much fun. I was so happy to work with her, and I learned so much. -Maureen

Bruce & Maureen Antal11 months ago

Mikko is an amazing coach! He is so knowledgeable, and he answers every question in a very positive manner.