"The Missing Piece"

We have received many lovely stories of people experiencing OneMind Moments. Let's hear another story!

We at OneMind Dogs love seeing our students learn and realize something that helps them along their journey in agility. That's why we want to share with you stories about people having their OneMind Moments, eye opening moments when they have realized something very important about agility.

Let's hear the story by one of our Premium members:

"I have been practicing with OneMind Dogs coaches for several years. I started with Elina Jänesniemi, and attended to some weekend seminars by Jaakko. I also took an agility course for handlers, instructed by Janita. After these courses I have been going to training sessions frequently: private lessons, weekly courses etc. Because I unfortunately have a limited budjet for agility and because I have already had the chance to attend to the weekly training sessions, I never thought it would be necessary for me to upgrade my OneMind Dogs membership to premium. I always thought that the online service includes the exact same things that I have been privileged to get straight from my instructors, face to face.

I was rewarded with a 2-month premium membership for assisting in an OneMind Dogs film shoot. THANK YOU once again for letting me be a part of the event and thank you for giving me such a fantastic prize for it! I have been a free member of OneMind Dogs all the way from the launch of the service, so as soon as my premium membership was activated, I started exploring the articles. I wanted to read Case Janita first. I had seen the title of this article series earlier, and the mental side of agility has been my biggest personal challenge. I had tears in my eyes while I was reading the articles: the text had so many elements that could have been written by me. I sent Janita a message and thanked her for being brave enough to make the story public. I strongly believe that this case study helps me, and also other people. It is so inspiring and encouraging to find out that a top level agility competitor like Janita has been through the things that I am going through now. Having a concrete example of how to still succeed, to run clean runs and to get through all the challenges, to learn. In addition to being inspired by the article, I also got some practical tips. I had been thinking about going to a hypnotist, but I now think I will contact Vappu. A huge thanks for the article series!

After just a quick peek at the contents of the OneMind Dogs website I already feel like I cannot live without the premium membership anymore! I was surprised by the amount of material there was available for me: not just articles about mental preparation, but also some very useful training tips! Even though I get to attend to OneMind Dogs training every week, I never felt like I was taught the same things over and over. The website was a necessary addition for me. Like a piece that I had been missing.

I am looking forward to exploring your site further!"

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