"Free To Make My Own Decisions!"

We have received several lovely stories of people experiencing OneMind Moments. Let's hear another story!

We at OneMind Dogs love seeing our students learn and realize something that helps them along their journey in agility. That's why we have decided to share with you stories about people having their OneMind Moments, eye opening moments when they have realized something very important about agility.

Let's hear the story by one of the OneMind Dogs Premium members:

"Hello OneMind Dogs, and thanks for the opportunity to share!

I started training agility with my Lhasa Apso somewhere around 4 years ago now. I loved the sport, so my partner and I decided to add another dog to our family and chose a Pembroke Welsh Corgi partly because he'd be easier to train and faster. I've been training him for 1 year.

I recently joined the OneMind Dogs community, and everything is different now. The handling style is not terribly different from the way I originally understood the sport, but it is much more creative. In a day, I taught my Corgi a few of the techniques. Having been so successful with him, I thought I might attempt to teach my Lhasa. She got it right away!

The moment that really made me realize that this is the community for me is when I first applied my new tricky moves with my agility club. As always, I determined the dog's line first. But when it came down to choosing which crosses and turns to use while directing my dogs around the course, I found that I felt much more free to make my own decisions. I wasn't limited to basic front and rear crosses. I felt confident that I could ask more from both my dogs and they would follow me. And they did! For a special bonus, my line was much simpler also.

I look forward to learning and developing further. Thank you for being a part of that!"

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