"Connection To Your Dog!"

We have received several lovely stories of people experiencing OneMind Moments. Are you ready to hear some more stories?

We at OneMind Dogs love seeing our students learn and realize something that helps them along their journey in agility. That's why we have decided to share with you stories about people having their OneMind Moments, eye opening moments when they have realized something very important about agility. Now, let's hear the story by one of the handlers who has attended to OneMind Dogs seminars and been very eager to learn more:

"I had watched Jaakko and Janita’s vídeos many times. I wanted to do agility as they do. I lost some time trying and I didn’t get the results, because I needed to learn how they DO it and not how it looked to me.

One day my friend told me that Jaakko and Janita would be in USA soon. I felt that an opportunity to learn with them would make me very happy. I got in to the seminar and it was fantastic! I finally understood how they do it. I came back to Brazil and I trained all the exercises for a year.

Next year I had another opportunity to learn with them again. It was a dream come true for me because I did a perfect course. It felt unbelieveble because the course had 34 obstacles! I came back to my home and I trained again. I had more confidence in me and in my dog! I always remember them telling me to “CONNECTION TO YOUR DOG!”, this is the phrase that remains with me all time, all training and all competitions.

This year I did the seminar again for the third time. This year was great because they knew what I needed to learn and they taught me how to do it. I’m very grateful for them for all that I know about agility!

Janita and Jaakko, you are great handlers and awesome people!"

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