OneMind Dogs Coach Pilot Group

The creation of the OneMind Dogs Coach training program was announced in October 2014.

Our passion at OneMind Dogs is to help people to understand their dog’s natural behavior and to share our core values: passion, fun and endless imagination. The goal of the OneMind Dogs Coach program is to raise the bar, by developing a global network of agility coaches who will spread the word on high quality agility training and OneMind Dogs method.

We are lucky to have the collaboration of a recognised group of agility coaches from all around the world to help us develop the OneMind Dogs Coach program. This “pilot group” of extremely talented agility coaches from around the world are people who share the same passion for the sport of agility as we do.

The coaches who have been selected for the initial pilot group already know a lot about the OneMind Dogs method. They are professionals in their field and their role is to give us honest and valuable feedback on the scoped OneMind Dogs Coach training program.

The OneMind Dogs Coach Pilot Group is made up of:

Nicola Giraudi (Italy)
Anna Eifert (Hungary)
Soshana Dos (USA)
Rachel Sanders (USA)
Mary Ellen Barry (USA)
Jessica Ajoux (USA)
Karen Holik (USA)
Jen Pinder (USA)
Kayl McCann (Canada)
Niki Drage (Australia)
Pavel Košek (Czech Republic)
Nic Jones (UK)
Magdalena Ziolkowska (Poland)
Thereze Woge (Sweden)
Jane Elene Christensen (Denmark)
Channie Elm Ørsted (Denmark)
Minna Martimo (Finland)
Marko Mäkelä (Finland)
Maria Mäkelä (Finland)
Saija Mustonen (Finland)

When we complete this process of trial, feedback analysis and further development, we plan to have the OneMind Dogs Coach Program ready to go and thrown open to people to attend. As soon as we are ready, we will share that opportunity with you!



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Anne Andrle5 years ago

Congrats everyone! Can't wait to do this program once it's 'live'!

Karen Holik5 years ago

Both honored and excited to be part of this !!

Mary Ellen Barry5 years ago

I am so excited to be a part of this!

Tricia Dunlop5 years ago

Huge congratulations Niki. You will have so much fun and learning..

Niki Drage5 years ago

Yay so excited!!!

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