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OneMind Dogs CAMP – “The BEST Agility Experience!"

Auditing an agility seminar? Boring, huh? We asked OneMind Dogs pack member Lisa Kalkhoven about her experience as an auditor at OneMind Dogs Camp 2015 and this is what she had to say.

"I attended the OneMind Dogs 2015 Camp at McCann Dogs. Wow, it was THE BEST agility experience of my life. I am so glad I was able to attend. As an auditor, I decided to follow one group per day. There were 4 groups of 10 dogs, so I was able to see seven different instructors teach 40 handlers (and dogs!) the same handling techniques. Think about that for a minute....the handlers and dogs were all at different levels. From very young, new dogs to very experienced dogs running at a national level. At the end of the day....everyone was doing the same thing!!!! Amazing!!!

The instructors were so supportive, helpful, imaginative, and very skilled at their jobs. Everyone had huge smiles on their faces after each sequence or exercise. Even those that struggled at first, seemed to be able to work through everything with great enthusiasm.

The instructors included the auditors in so many of the exercises I would often forget that I did not have a dog with me!!! I really felt that I was an important part of the Camp and that is not something that happens often when auditing. I feel that attending as an auditor allowed me to gain a very good foundation of the OneMind Dogs method, so much so that I am attending again this year with my dog!!!! I am so excited to have a working spot this year so we can build on all of the great things that I already learned as an auditor!!

Stay tuned.....I will let you know how we do!!!"


Lisa Kalkhoven


Join OneMind Dogs Camp 2016!

This year’s camp is right around the corner – it starts on September 1st. Join the camp in Toronto, Canada and get caught up in the vibe, watch people learn and progress, be inspired and learn yourself!

Auditing a four day camp full of amazing agility experiences is still possible!


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Phil Seyer & Magic Momo

Come to the real world, San Francisco Bay Area, and I'll be glad to attend.

1 year, 9 months ago

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